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June Client of the Month - Brent Williams + Furman Baseball

For the love of the game!

Brent Williams has been a friend for several years. Truly one of the good guys, someone kids look up to and friends admire. Was this gracious soul shaped by baseball and Furman University’s baseball program? Yes.

For 120 years the Furman baseball program has been part of the university experience. Furman baseball has shaped countless young men, helping them to develop skills in leadership, camaraderie, resilience, tenacity, and flexibility.

Many attribute these skills to their current success as community leaders, entrepreneurs, doctors, teachers, and writers. We can only hope that with enough support Furman might bring baseball back.

Please consider signing this petition in support of a Furman baseball program and  to bring back baseball.

Check out Brent's profile in the Furman Athletics Hall of Fame.

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